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Shale Peak Horticulture provides chemical-free pest management products and consulting services specifically geared for cultivators of medicinal and recreational marijuana. We offer customizable programs to guide growers through the entire crop cycle to ensure higher quality yields from start to finish. By maintaining a standing army of beneficial insects, pests are unable to invade the crop and harm the ultimate yield. In doing so, growers are able to increase their yields significantly. The majority of our beneficial insects are comprised of predatory mites, parasitic wasps, and other predatory insects. We have plans available for preventative pest management, as well as combating pre-existing infestations. We recommend implementing a preventive plan for best results.


We have dozens of predatory insects available for your pest management needs. Depending on the target pest and other various circumstances, different predators will be recommended. While some are rarely seen being used in the cultivation of cannabis, there are several that we see more frequently with phenomenal results. Read on to learn about some of the more commonly used predatory insects.